by Sabrewulf

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released November 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Sabrewulf El Paso, Texas

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Track Name: The Nameless Dead
Give or take, I gain nothing.
Give or take, I remain the same.
Sanity means nothing when you are your own worst enemy.
I have nothing/I am nothing.
I can't go much longer.
Its clear now I am all alone.
I can't try much longer.
Its clear now that fear has taken control over me.
And I'm all alone in this empty world.
But its all over now.
I walk down this road with nothing to hold.
My breath is the only thing I own.
Track Name: Black House
You turned your back on me.
You changed your fucking ways.
I've fallen victim to my own game.
You never told me this would be all I would get.
You never told me this is how it would end.
But I'm tired of the tears I'm sick of the phase.
But ill dust myself off.
And make it my own way.
This empty feeling has gone way too fucking long.
A feeling way too fucking numb.
But now my only visions to destroy.
This lasting feeling has helped shaped what I call my heart.
You sleep through all of the guilt.
While I drown in my own blood.
But I know you will never take this fall for me.
These dreams are dead
For me
Track Name: Marked for Death
You have the spine of a serpant and the mind of a king.
Nothing you have you have deserved, coward.
You should thank god my father is dead.
Without him, you'd have no roof above your head.
The mirror of love has been shattered.
Reflections of hate have been casted.
Nothing means a thing when you're hated.
Your dead body would be a fucking reward.
My hearts grown so heavy I can feel my chest caving in.
And if it wasn't for my blood id swear to god I was dead.
A war well worth the risk, only to watch you burn.
You have nothing on me.
And your world will fall to its knees.
Nothing you have you have deserved.
This is how it will all end tonight.
You should thank god my father is fucking dead.
You have the spine of a serpant and the crown of a judas.
Track Name: Prophecy
The book of revelations has never ment shit to me.
But these are all reruns of what's only been seen on tv screens.
How do you expect to survive.
With only your faith and perception.
This is what they call the end.
I only call it gods deception.
Were only one step closer to the end.
Moving forward to a blind future.
Giving thought of what will be left as remains.
Prepare for the wost.
For this is only to purify.
From what's good and what isn't worth.
For our savior to justify.
Id rather give fault to the truth.
Of why this world will finally turn cold.
Negligence to what we have.
I only pray.
That were one step closer to the end.