Sangre Y Alma

by Sabrewulf

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released January 27, 2016

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered By Hector Meza
Artwork By Eric Ward



all rights reserved


Sabrewulf El Paso, Texas

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Track Name: Reign Of The Serpent
young hollow
young hollow be thy name
I fear nothing but myself
the thought of someone looking over me seems so incomplete
you weren't there the day I attempted my demise
that's the same day the whole world went away
as the crow feeds on my flesh and your soul erodes into death
I only want to exist in dreams
and be thereason why it's so hard to sleep
I'm left with nothing
but scars and ambition
and a heart full of resentment
I'd rather be left alone
I'd rather sell my own soul
than to torn into pieces
than to be your last reason

cada día
me jugaba en tus mentiras
con una cara de ángel y un corazón de bruja
las cenizas de mi cuerpo todo cubierto que solía ser
Daría cualquier cosa para solo mente ordvidad to nobre

(x2)but I know these are dark days left behind me
and I will live beyond this
I will harbor the hatred
just watch you burn in hell(x2)

I follow the road to the past
beneath the ruins of the lost
I stand above the fake and the false
that's why I keep away from you as you are from the truth
eye to eye
eye to eye
eye to eye with the reaper of truth
I feed off death as it's before me
I live a life that I can say that's mine
I never hide a behind a shadow
I and I till the day I day

unlike you
I'm prepared for a loss
I reap what I sew
I'm ready for what I'm dealt with

lies control you but fear consumes us both
time keeps going and now you have nothing you can hold
nothing holds value when you given up on hope
blood soaked in sorrow  the saddest thing is you're a living joke

y si nadie me cree
me vale
porque yo siempre a dando todo
por siempre
por todo
yo vivo
por sangre y alma
Track Name: Nothing Above
a futile purpose of believing

nothing you learned you found on your own

its time to get off your knees and not believe

a lie not worth every stolen soul

force fed fears the only thing you

get up off your weak and bloody knees

a hundred deaths just to prove your holy ruse

shed your beloved faith and live your life

without the guilt or judgment of what a lost kingdom




Track Name: Death Walker
I'm hated but still standing
seeming to always play the roll
of the villain but that's something my mother taught me to be proud of
to rather walk alone than to be outlasted by people leading a lie
and a world plagued by humanity this is an upset of what should have been

no matter the outcome I'm always in too deep
betrayed by the victim I'm always the one to blame
I speak the truth so my words hold value
cause I've been treated like I'm wanted

but only treated when I'm needed
fuck the lies I'll compromise
I'll fight it out by myself
let the whole world crumble
let it all just burn
ive lost sight in refuge
and gained sight in misfortune
living life as the tortured
with less of a chip on my shoulder
and more like a target on my back
I will pick up all the flack I've gained
from everyone's lost ambition
as I carry the cross of the hatred

through the depths of tarnished love
I do it on my own 2 feet
the blood of everyone I've lost will doused all over myself
to be buried with some dignity
so you could live with the agony of what you've made of me
I'm now the epitome
of hatred and apathy

I've become shallow I've become useless
I am now hollow I am now putrid
I'm now at the gallows
this is my execution, this is my own execution
the feeling of being hated is forever in me
my eroded heart bleeds this rust into my veins
these are the scars I've acclimated
the are the mental horrors I will forever deal with

when the smoke is clear and the dust settles
and the fire is gone the silence is subtle
we have clear minds of what is now gone
and full hearts how it all went wrong
I'm dead now but my hates still strong
screams and tears drown the feelings I've felt for so long
the beginning of the end

I've felt this for so long
Track Name: Sangre Y Alma
id sell my soul to the devil, but as of now im in debt up to my neck.

and if you go looking for the devil, i swear to you that mother fucker will appear.

but tonight, my only savior will be you you.

a life time a favors, my life is in shambles.

greedy tentions, i cant get it together.


i love everything youve given me.

i only wish you could say the same.

and I'm greatful for youre presence

cause without id probably start asking the lord for his forgivness

a stray dog with no sense of direction

you gave me life, you saved me from myself

ill never take forever for granted

you mean more than the blood in my veins.

Track Name: Prophecy
the book of revelations has never meant shit to me
but these are all reruns of what's only been seen on tv screens
how do you expect to survive

with only your faith and perception
this is what they call the end
I only call it gods deception
we're one step closer to the end

moving forward to a blind future
empty thoughts of what will only be left as remains
prepare for the worst
for this is only to purify
from what is and what isn't worth
for our saviour to justify

I'd rather give fault to the truth
of why this world will finally turn cold
negligence to what we have
I only pray
that we're one step closer to the end
Track Name: Onslaught Of Hatred
glorify an abomination
corruption embodied as the constitution
I'm gunning for preservation
but god bless us cause this is the end of trust
home sweet home
for the small price of what's life and dea-
th becomes everything that we fucking fear
because the law is now everything we kneel to
force fed lies I pledge allegiance to nothing that you tell me
few and far between are the passionate
this flag is doused with gasoline
but this match won't strike cause I still want to believe

no trust for me
less trust for you

chaos rules everything in the state of affairs that were in
chaos rules everything we've been taught to believe in
everything I know means nothing no more
as the war zone rages
imprisoned by the land of the free
as these colors run deep in the streets
blood, white, and blue
this nation crumbles under my feet
as the swine feeds off the poor and all of the weak

god given rights stripped away by the gun and the badge
not everyone is a bastard but I do believe in hypocrisy
ransacked by the system that was never intended for us from the beginning
I'm just so tired of the bloodlust and the false sense of tragedy
Track Name: Blessed In Sin
I don't know what to feel don't know what to say
I've lost all feeling I've lost my way
no past emotions no future notions
I'm torn between the presence of now
maybe I should blame myself x3
for the intentions of the Wolf
cloaked in as the sheep
I'm drowning in the mirror
I see myself drifting away
same as before
same as always
I'm always the one to take the fall
loyalty is the only blessing I keep
this is all that I have
this is all that I'm cursed with
I was born to suffer
I was built to endure
I was created from your hated
I have paid for my anguish
I have swallowed my sins
the feeling of not being loved
is embedded with my hatred
this is all that I have
Track Name: The Nameless Dead
give or take I gain nothing
give or take I remain the same
sanity means nothing when you are your own worst enemy
I have nothing
I am nothing
I can't go much longer
it's clear now I am all alone
I can't try much longer
it's clear now that fears taken control over me
and I'm all alone in this empty world
but it's all over now
I walk down this road with nothing to hold
my breath is the only thing I own