Onslaught Of Hatred

from by Sabrewulf



glorify an abomination
corruption embodied as the constitution
I'm gunning for preservation
but god bless us cause this is the end of trust
home sweet home
for the small price of what's life and dea-
th becomes everything that we fucking fear
because the law is now everything we kneel to
force fed lies I pledge allegiance to nothing that you tell me
few and far between are the passionate
this flag is doused with gasoline
but this match won't strike cause I still want to believe

no trust for me
less trust for you

chaos rules everything in the state of affairs that were in
chaos rules everything we've been taught to believe in
everything I know means nothing no more
as the war zone rages
imprisoned by the land of the free
as these colors run deep in the streets
blood, white, and blue
this nation crumbles under my feet
as the swine feeds off the poor and all of the weak

god given rights stripped away by the gun and the badge
not everyone is a bastard but I do believe in hypocrisy
ransacked by the system that was never intended for us from the beginning
I'm just so tired of the bloodlust and the false sense of tragedy


from Sangre Y Alma, released January 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Sabrewulf El Paso, Texas

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