Death Walker

from by Sabrewulf



Featuring Thomas of Barbarian


I'm hated but still standing
seeming to always play the roll
of the villain but that's something my mother taught me to be proud of
to rather walk alone than to be outlasted by people leading a lie
and a world plagued by humanity this is an upset of what should have been

no matter the outcome I'm always in too deep
betrayed by the victim I'm always the one to blame
I speak the truth so my words hold value
cause I've been treated like I'm wanted

but only treated when I'm needed
fuck the lies I'll compromise
I'll fight it out by myself
let the whole world crumble
let it all just burn
ive lost sight in refuge
and gained sight in misfortune
living life as the tortured
with less of a chip on my shoulder
and more like a target on my back
I will pick up all the flack I've gained
from everyone's lost ambition
as I carry the cross of the hatred

through the depths of tarnished love
I do it on my own 2 feet
the blood of everyone I've lost will doused all over myself
to be buried with some dignity
so you could live with the agony of what you've made of me
I'm now the epitome
of hatred and apathy

I've become shallow I've become useless
I am now hollow I am now putrid
I'm now at the gallows
this is my execution, this is my own execution
the feeling of being hated is forever in me
my eroded heart bleeds this rust into my veins
these are the scars I've acclimated
the are the mental horrors I will forever deal with

when the smoke is clear and the dust settles
and the fire is gone the silence is subtle
we have clear minds of what is now gone
and full hearts how it all went wrong
I'm dead now but my hates still strong
screams and tears drown the feelings I've felt for so long
the beginning of the end

I've felt this for so long


from Sangre Y Alma, released January 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Sabrewulf El Paso, Texas

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