Reign Of The Serpent

from by Sabrewulf



young hollow
young hollow be thy name
I fear nothing but myself
the thought of someone looking over me seems so incomplete
you weren't there the day I attempted my demise
that's the same day the whole world went away
as the crow feeds on my flesh and your soul erodes into death
I only want to exist in dreams
and be thereason why it's so hard to sleep
I'm left with nothing
but scars and ambition
and a heart full of resentment
I'd rather be left alone
I'd rather sell my own soul
than to torn into pieces
than to be your last reason

cada día
me jugaba en tus mentiras
con una cara de ángel y un corazón de bruja
las cenizas de mi cuerpo todo cubierto que solía ser
Daría cualquier cosa para solo mente ordvidad to nobre

(x2)but I know these are dark days left behind me
and I will live beyond this
I will harbor the hatred
just watch you burn in hell(x2)

I follow the road to the past
beneath the ruins of the lost
I stand above the fake and the false
that's why I keep away from you as you are from the truth
eye to eye
eye to eye
eye to eye with the reaper of truth
I feed off death as it's before me
I live a life that I can say that's mine
I never hide a behind a shadow
I and I till the day I day

unlike you
I'm prepared for a loss
I reap what I sew
I'm ready for what I'm dealt with

lies control you but fear consumes us both
time keeps going and now you have nothing you can hold
nothing holds value when you given up on hope
blood soaked in sorrow  the saddest thing is you're a living joke

y si nadie me cree
me vale
porque yo siempre a dando todo
por siempre
por todo
yo vivo
por sangre y alma


from Sangre Y Alma, released January 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Sabrewulf El Paso, Texas

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